Time Marches On

Well, it’s been nearly two years since I sat through what felt like the longest commencement ceremony ever in order to receive a piece of paper that said I finally graduated college. Opting for extra time in bed during AM hours instead of getting my ass to class, staying up late to procrastinate on major assignments, and wearing running tights with mismatched socks and ballcaps as a daily outfit is now a thing of the past that has been swapped for early AM alarms, responsible nights in, and typically wearing ACTUAL clothes. Some things haven’t changed as I still close down a bar at least two nights a week, although I am not the one drinking but rather the one working. Somehow my physical fitness level has increased dramatically and bad habits have not been completely expelled but rather have been put in the back of my mind, like old trinkets you keep in a drawer but will eventually go back to peek at every once in a while.

My senior portfolio cover – spring 2012

I’ve been attempting the hard yet exciting transition from uncomfortable college furniture and crazy decor to linen napkins and pressed flowers in shadow boxes and actually keeping my clothes in my closet instead of on the floor. I’m no longer with roommates but rather on my own, which has its ups and downs – just like any other aspect of life.

I have so much to think of – two years ago or even one year ago I was in a completely different spot in life. Even now I look like a different person. My hair now long again, rather than the short bob that was brushing the tops of my shoulders. My college beer fat now little by little turning back into the muscle it once was. My workouts now more normal and daily, waking up feeling energized and motivated rather than hungover or worried about an assignment that didn’t get done. A dog laying on the rug instead of dirty dishes and leftover confetti from last weekend’s party.

But in other words, it’s been a while. But it’s been a good while.

But you know what else? It’s funny how some people don’t change.


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