Rivers and Roads, But Not Really


Here is a picture of a bridge.

A lift bridge, to be more exact.

This photo of this lift bridge was taken last evening in Hancock,  MI.

On the other side of the bridge is Houghton, MI.

A lift bridge does just that – its middle section lifts, or elevates, to let boats and ships and whatever else pass underneath. Wow, I should be a children’s author.

The  bridge was formally dedicated with a large celebration on June 25, 1960. Marching bands and troop columns paraded across the bridge, and jet tankers and fighters flew over the structure. Dinosaurs came out of their caves and aliens held off their plans to attack for just one more day. The air grew still, the potatoes grew old, and there was much rejoicing.

There is still an annual celebration each summer to celebrate the bridge as well as the great sense of community between Houghton and Hancock. And to drink. Or something like that.



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