How Did They Find Me?

It is always much to my amazement that when I view my stats, there are people finding me through search engines. Not because I think my blog isn’t search engine friendly or anything, but because I feel like there are a lot of obscure things happening here. Still, my blog doesn’t have much focus other than the focus being what I want to focus on, which is hardly ever consistent. And I don’t know about you, but I can be pretty particular about pages I look for when searching. If the results I see aren’t exactly what I might be looking for, there’s a chance I skip over it. And unless I am doing research, I typically don’t go past page 1 of my search results very often.

Okay Amber, enough boring talk.

So, I took a peek at my stats and found the terms that have been searched the most that have led people to my blog. I wasn’t exactly surprised after looking through the findings…


The terms that appeared the most often had to do with two of my favorite things: Johnny Cash and Budweiser (although sadly, not together). Most terms included something about the song The Girl from the North Country or about a Budweiser swimsuit. You really can’t go wrong searching for either of those things.


I was a little happy to see that people were searching for the name of my blog! Which means that although they hadn’t bookmarked it or anything, they still wanted to find it. THANKS TO WHOEVER YOU GUYS ARE!!

Now answer my interactive and super fun poll question plzzzz

So there you have it. A brief and only slightly informative post. And not really funny. Or life changing. Just pretty much a post since I haven’t posted in nearly 4 months or something.



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