Specialized in Nothing…

Well it may not be the most amazing thing, but I haven’t done any designing for myself in such a long time. It feels good to get something done for me once and a while, even if it only is just a grungy poster for nothing specific. Just a refresher helps me at least stay confident in navigating Photoshop. Plus – hey, it’s fun.


Today, I learned also how to create more handy grids as well as how to do text wrapping in Illustrator (DIDN’T EVEN KNEW THAT HAD IT!!! WOWOWWOWOWOWO!!!). I am pretty proficient in Illustrator, but there is a lot of random features I don’t really know about (such as the text wrapping!!!!). I think I will make it a goal to learn something new each week. And then maybe I can put down my memoirs…into a storybook form…since most of them aren’t serious anyway. It’s better that way.


What about you guys? Any neat features you want to share?


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