Sit Back, Relax a While

Give my men music at work, or give me no production.

-Abe Lincoln, 1937

Sometimes when I’m at work, I’m in the mood to listen to shitty rap. Or un-shitty rap. I’m not ashamed of it, I actually embrace it. Since my cubicle hides me from sight of anyone else in my row of offices, I can actually dance around pretty stealthily. I highly suggest this if you don’t do it already – it really boosts morale. Then there’s the occasional indie hits that I have saved away in some obscurely named YouTube mix, which I just bounce around to until my co-worker asks me if the fruit I brought to work had too much sugar or was drugged. Other times, I need to hear all of George Strait’s hits all in a row to the point where I convince myself that I am actually from Texas or Georgia or somewhere else and like someone with Alzheimer’s, I try to stop doing work and instead prance around asking people for a ride to my farm that I don’t own. And even other times all I want is a 96 song-long playlist by Bob Seger, because let’s face it – he and I have a connection.


Anyway, today I’ve been filling my morning up with this – lovin’ this person’s style. “Earth Tones” is GREAT, and so is Hpnotic718 [DeLoreanMusic], just like everything else this guy has (that I have listened to so far anyway). I highly encourage you to take some time this Friday to sit back, turn this on, and close your eyes for a few minutes – especially if you’re from upper michigan and slightly furious about the snow that is still coming down. Here is the view from my office window like 5 minutes ago:


So go on, grab a High Life or mix a gin & tonic, find a house that is not at a balmy 50 degrees F (…anyone wanna take me in until the weather gets up??) or else unpack your flannel blanket, sit back and think of the beautiful days yet to come.

summer mornings are priceless…worth the wait


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