Shout Out to Magic Kiln – HAAAAAY!

So, I don’t typically write posts like this, but today I am making an exception.

This is long overdue, but if you live in the Houghton, MI area – go to the Magic Kiln! Like, now. Seriously, drop whatever it is you’re holding (unless it’s a baby or a copy of The Last Waltz or vintage glassware of your parent’s or something else fragile and precious). This place is great. I spent some time there working on a plate and it turned out pretty cool after being fired in the kiln.This is the only place of its kind in our area and even better – its prices are pretty cheap compared to other places of its kind. I think my HUGE dinner plate cost maybe 11 or 14 bucks. Even though I don’t plan on eating dinner from it….you totally could. All the paints and stuff are dishwasher and eating safe.
For those of you unfamiliar with the process:

  1. Choose ceramic of your liking
  2. Get creative and paint whichever design and words you would like onto it
  3. If it’s Friday evening, bring in some wine (AND CHEESE!!!) to enhance your creative process. Or, if you aren’t good at painting, bring in the wine to help you think that you are.
  4. Give the finished piece to the lady who works there so she can put it in the kiln (which I believe she does every Wednesday).
  5. Pick up your finished, fired piece of loveliness and broadcast it to the world or use it as a gift or put it on a shelf or Christmas tree or whatever else you please!


Definitely gonna grab some wine and go back the next time they have their Friday night adult night – open from 7 – 9 p.m., beer and wine OK to bring in, and no kids allowed (adults that are kids at heart OK).

Here is a “before” image of my plate. I will post an “after” photo soon; since I don’t have a camera on my phone, I am kinda lacking in the photo department at times.

“look on the bright side”

I started my plate on one of those Friday night adult nights, during a little birthday celebration with my lady friends, wine in hand. Typically, my style is really simple. All I wanted to do on this plate was to have that little yellow circle in the middle with some words in it. Seeing as though that would take no more than 5 minutes and we would be there for nearly 2 hours, I realized that doing a 5 minute project only to then drink all of the wine and start painting all over my friends and dog (even though there was no dog there) was not really an option. I am embarrassing enough sober, let’s not get the paints and the dog involved just because I finished my project early.

So I decided to paint some little hand drawn designs around my yellow circle. Which, I admittedly really ended up liking! This plate took me the whole two hour timeslot on that Friday evening, plus 2 one-hour sessions during the next weekend – so, 4 hours total for those of you who aren’t good with math. I am probably going to go back there and make 2-3 more plates with the same design style and have a little collection of them that I can hang up or who knows – maybe even use.

My plate right now is at my place of work, currently holding random things like old fruit I probably will never eat, a bottle of Zicam (what is that and where did that even come from??), car keys, and pretty smelling energy infused hand lotion (they are lying about the energy part, trust me).

Anyway, check out the Magic Kiln Facebook page to get more info, including hours, photos of finished items, and more.


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