Time for Everyone’s Favorite Game: ASK ALINA ANYTHING (Or, AAA)

Alright, we’ve got some exciting news. I know I say that A LOT, but this is actually exciting.

My friend (and possibly yours too!) Alina is leaving. That isn’t the exciting part – that’s actually the very terrible, crippling, upsetting, I’m-not-sure-how-to-keep-on-living news. Anyways, she got this big kid job opportunity which is real cool but I have job too so I can’t leave here to be her mom or husband or anything like that but it’s basically in Arizona which is basically the distance from here to Uzbekistan and to the moon and back (it’s really far away). So, we’re gonna do a FIRST EVER VIDEO BLOG WITH ALINA BEFORE SHE GOES!!

So, I have assembled a poll below with some questions to ask her. Vote for your favorite questions that you would like to see Alina answer before she leaves.


I was going to have Alina do a quick write up on her self for those of you that don’t know her, but I just did it instead in the mean time….

Hi, my name is Alina and I am from Wisconsin. I was born in Texas but quickly became an outlaw at a young age and had to flee the state for the desolate north country to protect myself and my family. Here are some things about me. I like:

  • Eating cheese and sharing it with friends
  • NPR
  • Tight Fittin’ Jeans (the jeans themselves and the classic hit by Conway Twitty)
  • Going on strange adventures and taking saunas (sometimes at the same time)
  • Saying the word “potatoes” until it loses meaning and then regains meaning again
  • Being slightly terrified about extremely exciting things
  • Hanging out with my dog napoleon who is secretly a baby…like an actual baby
  • I worked on Isle Royale and that was awesome
  • I went to college for a bit in Texas. Then I went to school in the UP of Michigan. Not a big change, really.
  • my beautiful and talented friend Amber (who also owns this blog) drew this map of my life in Photoshop using her wizard editing skills:



  • You can pick up to 5 choices to vote on at a time
  • Number of times you may vote in UNLIMITED! Just like free drink refills at restaurants…which is pretty cool until you get a bellyache. So don’t vote so much that hurts your tum-tum because that would end badly for all of us.
  • Submitting your own questions is not only possible, but completely encouraged!
  • It’s not official, but we will also be having guest interviewers helping me conduct the interview. And if you want and live in the Houghton area, join us live in my beautiful living room for the interview – why not. THERE WILL BE SNACKS!…?
  • Or submit your own question via video (or audio) to me

So go on an vote – it’s your moral duty!!


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