Forget What They Said, It Was All a Lie

hey, so remember that really great post I did on spring and how it’s here and everyone should be happy and i was gonna do this other really great post on all the great spring stuff you can buy or make and how great it’s gonna be because it’s spring and the snow is melting!?!?



SPRING IS A LIE!!! IT’S A BIG FAT $&*(@$#&( LIE!!!

he knows
he knows

There’s no spring. Only more snow. And once the snow is gone, it’s summer. Which isn’t bad…but what my SPRING!?!?!?!?!? WHERE ARE ALL THE PUDDLES AND THE 55 DEGREE WEATHER?? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK! I got rid of the Christmas tree, okay, I’m embracing the season change.

If anyone knows how to change the weather or wants to write a letter to the government or petition or something, let me know.

Global warming is obviously a lie too.

Now somebody please hand me a cup of coffee and turn on the Last Waltz.


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