Budweiser Swimsuit: Who Will Win in this Battle for Greatness, Glory?

Sometimes life throws ya a curveball.

We all have decisions to deal with; some of them are difficult, some of them are easy.

Today I have been faced with a very, very sensitive issue, with a very, very difficult decision before me. And anyone who knows me knows that I can be one of the MOST indecisive people around. But, instead of going on a long rant like I normally would, I am going to just present this mind-numbing decision to you. Using my extensive knowledge of representing specialized information visually, I have created the following strategic graphic to present my problem.

budweiser battle

Now what I need is your feedback. Answer the poll below – the winning answer will be presented at the end of the week and I can finally come to terms with what purchase I need to make. It only takes one vote – it could be you.

From the bottom of my Budweiser fill heart, I thank you.


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