Project Projector and Why German Potato Salad Will Consume You

Well I did it. I bought a projector.

AND! It was less than 30 bucks at ShopKo. But I can’t take any of the credit for this – I wouldn’t have known about this special little steal if it weren’t for lifelong friend Sam LaJ.

Now, it may not be state-of-the-art, but for A FIFTH OF THE ORIGINAL PRICE, I would say it is a good start. You can always upgrade. Plus, what else was I going to spend 30 dollars on? A new lap top maybe?


And, if you have been around me at all lately, you know all I can talk about is this big plan I have to have an outdoor movie night this summer. In my head, I have this grand idea that I am going to somehow own some cool bungalow or cottage in the middle of the woods where I can entertain my friends with a cool homemade screen (bed sheets + wooden frame), cute little snacks (I’m a wife-to-be in training), and neat seating …only problem: I needed a projector. Well, and the bungalow too. But we will worry about that later. So basically, PROBLEM NOW SOLVED!

sealab on projector night
sealab night

We hung up an old white bed sheet in our ceiling tiles at home the other night, plugged in the DVD player to the projector, and let ‘er rip. Not too bad. Benda’s speaker added some nice sound, the Christmas lights added a nice glow, and our peanuts added a nice snack. Not to mention the delicious chicken Alina baked and the yummy German potato salad from the Econo deli. Which reminds me – GO BUY SOME NOW! Actually…unless you can deal with a german potato salad addiction. Because it is delicious. You WILL become addicted. Benda bought regular potato salad from Wal Mart last night and it was just pish posh. Took all I could to not break into the Econo Deli to get that delicious German potato salad…but I have done it before for Rocky Road bars, and I would sure as hell do it again for that delicious potato-y substance.

it WILL consume WILL have to change your identity.
it WILL consume you.
you WILL have to change your identity.

So if you are up for spending copious amounts of money on potato salad, then prepared to deal with an intervention because you consuming it starts to consume your life…go buy some. You’ve been warned.

Also what do you think my cheap new projector? Good investment? Anyone out there with projector dreams of their own?

Enough of that….

Life is pretty good, isn’t it?


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