Should It Stay or Should It Go: Getting Rid of Your Freeloading Christmas Tree, Part II

So you may remember from my previous blog post, the ad I listed on Craiglist, putting my Christmas tree in the free section in hopes we would find a good, loving, and above all, supportive home to help it. Well, I had a few interested parties. Three to be exact. One of them I don’t think understood the tree was, indeed, real.

THEM: Hi, Would you please send me a picture. Thanks

ME: I can take a picture. The tree is real, not fake. It has been up since December. Some needles left.

THEM: (no reply. ever.)

The other called (calling = needed INSTANT feedback, because he was SO EXCITED, I assume) and asked what kind of tree it was and when I said Balsam Fir, he said that wasn’t the exact kind he was looking for. I do feel slightly bad that my tree did not reach his high expectations, but oh well. I hope this person finds whatever it is they are looking for.

Anyway, as they say, third time is a charm. The third interested person looks like they may just pull through on the deal. They contacted me via email a little over a week ago and sound very excited to get to see, pick up, and know this tree better. Here is our exchange:

*To protect the identities of those who cannot protect themselves, in the following email exchange between myself and the interested party, I will refer to the interested party as INTERESTED PARTY.

On 3/21/2013 5:35 PM, INTERESTED PARTY wrote: am interested in your christmas tree. how much for it?
thanks eh!

  • MY REACTION: HOW MUCH FOR IT!?!?!?! IT IS A DYING TREE. FROM DECEMBER! IT IS FREAKING FREE. Plus, it is also listed in the “free” section. I guess that wasn’t clear enough. Maybe they are just trying to be polite. I would offer money for this tree too; the ad I wrote really sells as it as a true gem. If only I knew people would be asking “how much for it,” I could have started some sort of dying tree monopoly in this area.
the ad itself; persuasive as ever
the ad itself; persuasive as ever

Subject: Re: VERY RARE: CHRISTMAS TREE (Houghton)
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 10:33:18 -0400, Amber Voght wrote:
the tree is free! cut down fresh in twin lakes near houghton in mid december. it is a balsam.
what do you think?

On 3/22/2013 1:48 PM, INTERESTED PARTY wrote:
do you think you could put up a picture of the tree? If you could bring it to my house I think i’d take it.

On 3/22/2013 1:51 PM, Amber Voght wrote:
i have to take a picture of it and then can send. where is your house?

On 3/22/2013 9:34 PM, INTERESTED PARTY wrote:
I live out in chassell. When do you think you could bring it out here

    • Whoa, whoa buddy! At this point I actually hadn’t sent the picture or even done a background check on this guy; how do I know he will take care of the tree!?!? What if I pull up to his house and he is outside with an ax or chainsaw?? Ready to cut this tree to pieces!! I was worried about the little tree, in not very good health, trying to fend for itself against this guy.
chopped up tree
dramatization of situation, with real tree blood
  • Plus, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to drive to Chassell. Then I would have to add a $50 processing and shipping fee to cover getting the tree out of my house and tied on top of my car. Plus, I couldn’t confirm that after the drive the tree would have any needles left AT ALL, and I didn’t want that on my conscience.

Sent: 27 Mar 2013 15:01:11 GMT by Amber Voght:
is there any chance at all you would be able to pick up the tree from my house?

On Mar 27, 2013 6:27 PM, INTERESTED PARTY wrote:
I could pick up the tree no problem. Where do I pick it up?

  • Uhhh okay, then why did you ask me to drive it to you? When things are Free on Craigslist, I feel like the LEAST you can do is pick up the free item at your convenience.

On 3/27/2013 6:28 PM, Amber Voght wrote:
In houghton, close to hardee’s. The tree is not fake. It is a balsam fir.

On 3/28/2013 9:36 AM, Amber Voght wrote:
are you still interested?

On 3/30/2013 5:48 PM, INTERESTED PARTY wrote:
Oh yeah i am still interested. I don’t get internet too much. just when i get to town. I can pick it up Monday if you’d like.

On 4/01/2013 10:43 AM, Amber Voght wrote:
That is fine. Monday (today) works, anytime after 7 p.m. but before 11 p.m.
Does this work for you? Please let me know.
I have also attached a recent picture of the tree, with its lights on. The picture was taken about 8 days ago.

So, I am waiting on a reply from this guy in hopes that he will stop by tonight and pick up the tree and be a very nice, dashing chap who will take better care of the tree than I did. Of course, there is the very high chance that whoever stops by will end up being someone who is picking the tree up just to have a laugh, but guess who will have the last laugh – ME! BECAUSE THAT FREELOADING TREE WILL FINALLY BE OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!What do you think? Did I do the right thing? Do you think this guy will pull through and get this tree off my hands? COMMENT BELOW

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