Another Great Weekend in the Northwoods

*Click image for a larger view (images open in a new tab)

there was plenty of sun for soaking in
there was plenty of mud for playing in
there was lots of snow caves for falling in
there was jars to put things in
there was benda and just-in
and there was beautiful scenery to take in

The weekend started off perfectly Thursday night, with a nice joyride and beautiful drive down covered road with Justin. We had a few friends in Redridge who were hanging out, so we stopped by and watched the sunset from one of their houses and relaxed with a beer.

Friday brought yet another beautiful sunset, Justin and I prepared this time with camera in hand.

Saturday brought on a few different things, probably none of them worth mentioning at this point.Sadly I didn’t get any photos from the great Easter Sunday that was held at my parent’s house. It was a great day, though, filled with some close family, some good food, and a good time. I ended the night picking up my good friend Alina from the airport, accompanied by Andrew Benda – who picked up some delicious Holiday Gas Station Hot Pantry snacks for us. We ate egg, sausage, cheese biscuits all the way home listening to The Greatest Hits cassette from The Eagles. I fell asleep near 1 a.m. reading The Northwoods Reader, completely content. Another good weekend in the northwoods.


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