Troublesome Hostages? Get fast, efficient hostage managment for the modern world

It’s exactly what the title states. I have been using this site for literally years (well, about 5 or 6 minutes to be more accurate) and it has helped out in all aspects of my life, such as:

  • Cleaner room
  • More compliant co-workers
  • Increased cardiovascular strength
  • Better maple syrup
  • Fuller mustache
  • Easier to mastermind burglaries
  • More coordinated swashbuckling

Sadly, it has NOT helped me find out more about Mr. Wilkinson (my plastic dinosaur) and Hodges (my bear). This makes me slightly sad, because I miss playing with them in the shower and confiding in them when I have a lot on my mind. They really are great listeners.


But really, check out this new web 2.0 service; it has a lot to offer:


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