For anyone out there actually reading this, here is a preview of some exciting, exhilarating,and all around entertaining posts that will be coming up this week (in no particular order):

  • DIY Adventures in concrete: me vs Robbie Robertson and a 60 lb bag of Quickrete
  • Exclusive interview: why Shawn Doll doesn’t have a mustache anymore
  • Neil Young cassettes, a cap with a fish coming out of it, as well as a few more gems that were not found at Goodwill
  • Alcohol vs Reality: explorations in standard cocktail creation (see my post on the Crosby Gaige’s book that I now own)
  • Christmas tree update, part II

Since I don’t have any neat pictures to go along with this post, here is a picture of my friend Alina wearing a pink snowsuit and a big fur hat:

Alina, looing good
Alina, looking good

Stay tuned, San Diego!  Houghton!


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