The First Thing I WON on eBay


Crosby Gaige’s 1944 edition of The Standard Cocktail Guide, complete with washable cover, how to be a good host, everything you need to know about mixing and stirring, canapes and hor d’oeuvres to along well with certain drinks…



This is the first thing I ever bid on and WON on eBay.  It is winning, right? I mean, eBay flat out told me that I WON the auction…but each time I told someone I “won” on eBay, they looked at me like that dad from A Christmas Story who gets the leg lamp in the mail and says  “he won a major award.”  Not that I don’t want to get a leg in the mail, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, as I mentioned, it has an awesome hard, washable cover and a variety of drink recipes for everything from vodka to scotch to bourbon. The beautiful illustrations of various drinking glasses, stirrers and mixers are courtesy of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel; how kind of them. But how I came across this book and why I wanted it so badly…I can’t actually remember. Stay updated for a post in the near future where I go about creating one of the concoctions in here.

DSC_2148  DSC_2150


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